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Steel Building Erectors Articles
The steel erection article archive consists of erector related tips, news and articles on a wide variety of topics. If you have a steel or metal building erection article that you wish to submit, please visit our Erectors Article Submission page.

PRESS RELEASE: MCA Announces 2017 Triumph Awards Winners
MCA Announces 2017 Triumph Awards Winners
The Year's Metal Construction Industry Superstars

MCA Announces Triumph Awards Winners for 2016, honoring metal construction industry champions.
MCA ANNOUNCES TRIUMPH AWARDS WINNERS The Best of The Metal Construction Industry

Metal Roofing Seaming Guide Available From MCA
Metal Roofing Seaming Guide Available From MCA

MCA Announces 2nd Annual METALCON Metal Roof Championship Games
MCA Announces 2nd Annual METALCON Metal Roof Championship Games

The 22nd METALCON Hits the Mark for Exhibitors
The 22nd METALCON International Hits the Mark for Exhibitors

TIPS: Proper Erection of a Self-Storage Building
Anyone who is in the self-storage business knows that more often than not, getting into it is a learning experience. It's the nature of the business. People from all walks of life become owners and their reasons for taking the plunge are as varied as the personalities of the tenants that they serve.

Now is a Good Time to Invest in Self-Storage
Conventional wisdom has taught those in the self-storage business that while the business isn't recession proof, it has always been recession-resistant. But all bets are off these days. Self-storage is feeling the residue of the current downturn for two reasons: 1) Getting financing is much more difficult, and 2) most people seem to have a passive, "wait-and-see" attitude toward the economy.

The Value of a Single-Source Manufacturer
It's a fact is most people who get into the self-storage business are neophytes who have little, if any, knowledge or experience in the business and in some cases don't want to become experts in self-storage. Different people have different motivations for getting into the business. Some view self-storage as a secondary investment, others view self-storage as a way of generating additional income after retirement.

Panel Meets Tough Requirements for Environmental Standards
Insulated foam panel provides thermal efficiency and energy reduction for commercial buildings world-wide.

Panel Thermal Efficiency Meets Requirements of the Future
Metal Panels leading the way in efficient, aesthetic and performance based standards.

SNOWGRIP - Snow retention coating for metal roofs.
SNOWGRIP! Do you believe in love at first sight?

Retro - Fitting Over Existing Roofs
Converting Conventional Flat Roof to Metal Sloped Roofs and Metal Over Existing Ribbed Metal Sloped Roofs

To Answer Your Questions
Sept. 5, 2000 to John Wyatt, BNP.

Common sense to remember when purchasing your metal building systems and services online
I am now receiving more requests for jobsite metal building systems analysis, consultation and consulting directives than ever before in my 23 years of metal building erecting.

FIELD TIP - How To Survive and Prosper In The Erection Business
When asked by the publisher to write this column, I decided to deal with the legal aspects of the business in order to benefit experienced and newer erection companies, as well as general contractors. In the process I will refer to some techniques as they relate to liabilities.

Fall Protection In The Steel Erection Industry
This is the story of Brian Snipes, an ironworker from Colorado who I met at a major project for Intel this year.

Emergency Planning: Are Your Jobsites In Compliance
Emergency planning is a compliance requirement often overlooked or inadequately addressed by most contractors.

Fasteners for Metal in Construction
Manufacturers focus on corrosion, resistance, color matching and technical assistance.

Hiring a Qualified Erector
A competent erector is key to the successful completion of any metal building or roof construction project. The thousands of buildings that perform satisfactorily attest to that fact.

Meeting the Needs of the General Contractor
One of the main challenges for erectors is building strong relationships with general contractors. The generalís job is to make sure that the project is successful and the owner is satisfied. Thus when it comes to the core structure or exterior of the building, the general contractor needs an erector who is up to the task.

A Primer on Building Codes for Metal Roofing
Metal roofing solutions have been regulated by a variety of building codes. It's easy to get overwhelmed. Historically, geography-based roofing codes have been developed in response to specific local, regional, or national concerns. The net result has been a complex mix of regulations that make it difficult for even the most conscientious building designer.

Why you need Employee Drug Testing
According to the Drug-Free Workplace Act, 47% of workplace accidents are drug or alcohol related. If you don't have a substance abuse policy and drug testing/screening program in place, consult your attorney immediately and get one in place as soon as possible. Your business, and your conscience, will be much better off.

Selecting Your Contractor, Erector or Manufacturer, Part 2
DON'T SWEAT THE DETAILS. WHY? Because experts and building code officials have set standards over the past hundred years that MUST be met by any and all legitimate suppliers of structures and components.

How Safety Reduced one Company's Insurance Rates
As members of one of the most dangerous trades, steel erectors deal daily with the treat of injury and death. This has not gone unnoticed by insurance companies, who have consistently charged higher premiums for erectors.

How to Select a Contractor, Erector and Manufacturer.
A popular question in which Red uses his 42 years of Pre-Engineered Steel Structure experience to provide an answer.

Have you tried the 'new roofing market'?
Some 18 months ago we were called upon for a quote on Roof Huggers for a retro-fit application designed and spec'd. by Law Engineering Co. of Tampa, Florida on an 80,000 square foot structure.

Red McConnohie presents a metal building Short Story - Knowing is Half the Battle.
One that struck me on our building of a 25,000 s.f. commisary. The erection foreman called me and said the "frames aren't fitting right--they sort of lean to one side"Ö

Eagle Steel Erectors, Inc. shares its Metal Building Erection Job Completion Checklist.
Some say no project is complete until the paperwork is done. Others view paperwork as a necessary evil or even a waste of time. Today I'd like to present a piece of paper that perhaps both sides can agree to like.

FIELD TECHNIQUE: Trending Toward Efficiency
The On-Site Rollforming Evolution

FIELD TECHNIQUES: The Solar Equation
Available Solar Technology + ROI = Results

FIELD TECHNIQUE: Winds of Change
Methods for Verifying Wind Resistance Continue to Evolve

FIELD TECHNIQUE: Re-Covering With Metal
Codes and industry recommendations provide guidance to roofing professionals.

FIELD TECHNIQUE: No Maintain, No Gain
Proper maintenance is vital to the long-term performance of metal-clad buildings.

FIELD TECHNIQUE: Combating Corrosion
Identifying Metal-Roofing Fasteners For Use In ACQ-Treated Lumber

FIELD TECHNIQUE: Second Line of Defense
Synthetic Roof Underlayments Stand Out As Secondary Water Barriers

Metal Roof Systems Can Weather The Storm

How to Identify a Quality Washer and Why It Matters

FIELD TECHNIQUE: Reflectivity and Emissivity
It's Important to Understand How Metal Roofs Impact Energy Efficiency

Considerations for Metal Roof Systems.

Are your customers' buildings prepared?

Keeping HVAC Systems and Buildings Healthy with UVC Technology

FIELD TECHNIQUE: Roosting on Rooftops
Protecting HVAC Systems from Bird Droppings and the Spread of Disease

MCA's Metal-Forming Equipment Council Makes Manufacturing Better

FIELD TECHNIQUES: 40 Billion Reasons
Marrying Metal Roof Systems with Thin-Film Photovoltaic Cells

FIELD TECHNIQUES: Creating Savings With Solar
Examining the Benefits of Transpired Solar Collectors

FIELD TECHNIQUES: A Complex Phenomenon
Dynamic wind-uplift performance of composite metal roof assemblies.

FIELD TECHNIQUE: Reroofing Decisions
Options homeowners need to consider.

Choosing performance tested roof edge systems

Reviewing NFBA's Post-Frame Construction Tolerances Document (Part 2 of 2)

FIELD TECHNIQUES - Why Didn't I Think Of That?
Retrofit framing structures over new flat roofs.

FIELD TECHNIQUES - Behind The Scenes
Details about developing NFBA's post-frame construction tolerances document.

FIELD TECHNIQUES - Learning New Rules
California Builders Address New State Energy Code

FIELD TECHNIQUES - The Power of Copper
Copper has apparent antimicrobial properties in HVAC systems.

Mistakes contractors make on construction projects.

FIELD TECHNIQUES - Retrofit Roof Solutions
Fixing Problem R-Panel Metal Roof Systems

FIELD TECHNIQUES - Painted Metal Roofing: The Importance of Proper Touch-Up

FIELD TECHNIQUES - What To Ask - For Roofs That Last
Helping building owners make educated roofing selections.

FIELD TECHNIQUES - Quantifying Environmental Impacts
Life-Cycle Assessment of Hot-Dip Galvanizing Compared with Paint

Field Techniques - Snow Retention Systems
In areas prone to heavy snowfall, building and roof designs should consider how to handle this natural phenomenon. Several factors pour into this process.

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