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Steel Building Erectors Article: Have you tried the 'new roofing market'?
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ERECTORS ARTICLES - Have you tried the 'new roofing market'?

Some 18 months ago we were called upon for a quote on Roof Huggers for a retro-fit application designed and spec'd. by Law Engineering Co. of Tampa, Florida on an 80,000 square foot structure.

The caller was new to us so we gathered all information as to company name, address, phone, fax and name of executives for our data bank. The name turned out to be NU-TEC Roofing Company, a state-wide, mostly conventional roofer with headquarters in Brandon, Florida, Mr. Steve Kruse, Vice President.

Steve announced they were bidding a Metal re-Roof which had specified a ROOF HUGGER attachment system and this was a first for the firm. We met with Steve and went over the erection procedures, average labor time and deliveries. Two weeks later he called and said they had been awarded the job which also had called for single length standing seam roof panels of 103 feet, no end laps.

NU-TEC brought in FABRAL to furnish on-site roll forming for the single length panels, then built up a heavy scaffolding platform to the 30 ft. height of the building eaves to hold the roll former at roof level and hoisted all into place with a substantial crane which also hoisted the 2 1/2 ton Galvalume coils into place as needed.

In five weeks the job was complete except for trim out. NU-TEC and all other interested parties were exceptionally pleased with the results and speed of completion. Even the well travelled FABRAL Roll former operator commented on how this had been the "slickest way to re-roof of any job he had ever been on".

Steve Kruse, Vice President OF NU-TEC said he was surely going to pursue this market that they had largely been ignoring.


In the ensuing 18 months to date, NU-TEC has completed nearly 300,000 square feet of metal roof retro-fit, have their own on-site roll former and have generated over a million dollars in new revenue for their company.

Not bad for a newcomer and our congratulations go to Steve Kruse and NU-TEC for seizing an opportunity and making the most of it!

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